Rise Against veröffentlichen neues Video

27. Mai 2009 | 18:45

Rise Against veröffentlichen neues Video

Autor: Hoekie

Rise Against veröffentlichen das Video zum Song “Hero Of War”, der schon bei der Veröffentlichung für Diskussion sorgte.

Rise Against haben das Video zum Song  “Hero Of War”, der schon bei der Veröffentlichung des Album “Appeal To Reason” 2008 aufgrund des Textes für Diskussionen sorgte.

Die Band beschreibt den Text auf ihrer MySpace-Seite mit folgendem Kommentar: ” ‘Hero Of War’ is the story of one soldier, not all soldiers, as he battles not just the war around him, but the war that rages within. Inspired by true events, we were given the choice to either document the tribulations of these times as they unfold around us, or ignore them. To ignore these problems, in our opinion, is letting down the brave men and women who risk everything. “Hero Of War” is our attempt to lift the stigma that surrounds everything from the skyrocketing suicide rate of troops, torture, internal sexual abuse, an under-funded VA, and the growing number of military personnel fighting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as they return home. We hope this song and this video help the simmering dialogue about these problems evolve into a rolling boil.”

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